Jun 222011

Just a quick post from sunny Hamilton, Montana.  It’s the day after the summer solstice as well as the day after my little brother’s wedding.  We had a picture perfect weather yesterday for the ceremony from the Trapper Peak Overlook in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley.  Fortunately all the guests made it up the forestry service road and back down again for the reception that followed.

Now that my duties as best man are finished I will do my best to get the blog posts flowing within the next couple of days.  I still have a couple of weeks worth of Bolivia to write about including an incredible visit to Lake Titicaca.  After that I will explain where we are headed once we leave Montana.  I can promise that some exotic destinations are in the not-too-distant future – we will be flying over 19,000 miles in the first two weeks after we leave the States on July 10!

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