Oct 032011

Going local with our clothing - the best way to stay warm is a Mongolian del!

To all those loyal readers out there, I would like to apologize for the dearth of posts over the past two weeks. We have just returned to Ulaan Baatar after an amazing 13-day and 2,560km tour of the Gobi Desert and Monoglian Steppe. What an adventure it has been! Some of the highlights included: sand dunes, camels, fermented milk of the latter, yaks, snow storms, desolate landscapes, and hot springs.

Russian minivans are the vehicles of choice in Mongolia.

I am going to keep the posts chronological so the Monogolia posts won’t be for a couple of weeks (following the rest of Sri Lanka and Cambodia) but I thought I would drop a few pictures down as teasers. Amy and I have both done our share of “roughing it” during our travels but I think this most recent tour pushed the limits for the both of us. We are definitely enjoying the relative luxury of our rundown Soviet-era accomodations here in Ulaan Baatar this evening!

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  1. Off the grid indeed! Your 13-days has to be among the craziest travel adventures out there. Not saying you’re crazy, just nuts. Hope you can (somehow) get caught up so you’re writing about the country you’re actually in!

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